The app

It makes your phone into a steward that directs you in heelwork. This is a perfect way to prepare you and your dog for obedience trial, or just take your training to a new level.

Getting started

Choose program (Class 1 is chosen here), set the times for countdown to start and between commands, and pick a steward. Then press "Listen". Game is on!


Who makes the program?

The phone

The phone puts together unique programs every time according to FCI-rules for obedience, ie international rules. No matter what language the steward speaks, the rules are the same. The programs can be customized by pressing the “pen”-button when the Class 1-3 is chosen. For each class fast pace, steps etc can be excluded, and the total time can be set.


If you rather want to put together och program of your own, you can store up to six different programs. Drag and drop from a list containing the commands. This list differs slightly depending on what steward/languange is currently chosen. You can name your program and change the icon.



Class 1-3, the programs your phone puts together each time you press LISTEN och READ (on the starting screen) are based on international obedience rules, FCI. To customize, for example change the total time or exclude fast pace, have the program chosen on the starting screen and press the pen-button. Turn the switches on and off as you wish.

To make a program

Drag and drop

To make a program, first click the pen-button on the starting screen to edit the program shown at the top. If you want to edit another program click the program icon och change to another program, then hit the pen-button.

The list shown to the right contains all commands. The language depends on which steward is currently chosen. Some languages contain some more specific commands for turns. The steward is changed on the starting screen, just click on the steward to get alternatives.

Hold for a moment on the turn you want to add and drag and drop to the list on the left which is your program. There you can delete turns and move them around. Exercise begin and end are added by the phone when you press LISTEN or READ on the starting screen.

The list of commands - the structure

Turns when there is no change of speed before and after

Speed is changed to normal pace

Speed is changed to stop

Speed is changed to slow pace

Speed is changed to fast pace

Steps in four directions

Moving backwards. Turn is not included.

Personalize your program

When you have put together your own program, you can make it even more personal by giving it a name and an icon. Just press the icon/EDIT to see alternatives.

Get to know the Stewards

Real voices

Robot voices

The app Heeling makes programs accordning to international FCI-rules but you and your dog can choose between being directed in English, German, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

There are real recorded voices in English and then the phone´s own built in voices - artificial voices or robot-voices. The quality of robot voices can be improved, also you can change from a female voice to a male voice, or from one dielect to another.

Here is how you improve/enhance the robot voices.

Privacy policy for the app Heeling

No user information is collected or sent over the internet when using the app. The app does not communicate over the internet, it works locally in the phone.